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 Menu information and common questions 

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  • All products contain WHOLE MILK, FLOUR, AND EGGS.

  • Belgian Ensaymada contains NUTS

  • Panda Coco contains SHREDDED COCONUT

  • All products are handled with vinyl gloves. Products containing nuts, coconuts, or similar allergens are prepared and baked separately from each other.


1. When do orders open?

We open 1-2 times per month. We are a pop-up business, therefore we do not operate full-time and orders will open based on our availability. In order to know the next pre-orders, subscribe to our email list or follow our Instagram and Facebook. We email and post a week ahead of the pre-order date.

2. What day do orders typically open?

We will always open our pre-orders on a SUNDAY @ 2PM on this website. The form will remain open until completely sold out. Items are removed as they sell out. We will typically close within 2 hours of opening forms as we receive lots of traffic.

3. Do I have to follow your socials?

No, but we post a lot of extra stuff on our social media that does not go out on our email: Giveaways, upcoming new menu items, and other fun things! We highly recommend you give us a follow @ThePandesalPlace

4. When can I pick-up my order?

Pick-Ups are either on the following Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from when orders opened. Pick-Up locations are announced with the Pre-order announcement, so you will always know when and where it is as early as that. We will hold pick-ups at a location for 1-2 hours.

5. What if I miss pick-up?

Pick-Ups are announced with the online order date. It is always attached in the email, announced on social media, and reiterated in the confirmation email of your order. We DO NOT allow pick-ups outside of the pick-up date and time out of respect to the business allowing us to hold a pick-up at their location. 

If you will be late to pick-up, please notify us early via SOCIAL MEDIA or EMAIL in order for us to find a way to accommodate any changes.

We always want to serve our customers our products at their best quality. We put lots of love and time into our goodies, so please make sure you're able to pick up your order when placing an order! 

Orders not picked up will be donated or re-sold if we are not notified. Orders are non-refundable.

6. Do you deliver?

Occasionally, we will offer delivery for a base and distance fee. If delivery is available, it will be announced with the order date/menu announcement.

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